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The Founders Circle is where faith precedes the miracle.  It is here you can join with your fellow Americans by making a one-time donation, or establish a monthly plan in support of the AVA and its monumental and righteous mission.

The Founders Circle

The American Legacy

Join the Founders Circle and fuel the American Victory Alliance's mission with your generous support. With our nation at a critical crossroads, your donation becomes an indispensable force in shaping a future aligned with the principles our Founding Fathers fought for.

As a member of the Founders Circle, you become an integral part of an extraordinary movement, united in our unwavering dedication to restoring America's greatness. Your contribution will empower us to create real change, protecting our freedoms and upholding the values that define us as Americans.

Every dollar counts, every act of generosity amplifies our voice. By donating today, you become a guardian of liberty, standing shoulder to shoulder with other patriots driven by a shared purpose.

Time is of the essence. Together, let's spark a resurgence of the American spirit and ensure a prosperous future for generations to come. Join the Founders Circle and be an architect of the American Victory Alliance's success.

Make your impact felt now – donate to the Founders Circle and help shape the destiny of our great nation.

PLEASE NOTE: The American Victory Alliance is NOT a non-profit organization, so your donations are NOT tax deductible.  This decision was made to prevent the IRS or other governmental agencies from dictating our content and limiting our voice.

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