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Where the Righteous Voices of Millions become the One Voice of Authority.

The American Victory Alliance


Our Mission

The Alliance

Fueled by the passion and the promise of tens-of-millions of Americans, it is our mission to unite, inspire, equip and empower the largest, most courageous and most influential alliance of citizens, businesses, institutions and organizations in America. 

And with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence - WE WILL boldly enter the battle, and with a commanding voice, resilient determination we will reclaim dominion over our nation, our sovereignty and our destiny, securing our place as the undeniable and righteous authority in America.

From the Founder

Our Message.

YES, building the largest, most courageous and most influential organization in America is incredibly audacious.  We get it.  But honestly, it's no more audacious than the vision, commitment and courage of our Founder Fathers.  For it was those men who in 1776 attached their names to a document that would set into motion a chain of providential events that would change the world forever.  It was in that moment those men stepped into their righteous authority and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to stand against a tyrannical king and government, and in that process they inspired a nation to pursue, claim and secure their God-given rights and freedoms.  And it was just 13 years later that many of those same men laid the foundation for a nation that would quickly become a shining city on the hill and the beacon for every man, woman and child with the yearning to be free.  


But something has changed.  The values, principles and virtues of the that forged this nation and inspired its people to greatness have been under attack for well over a century by a cunning and ruthless enemy.  An enemy with the malevolent ambition to corrupt, destroy and enslave.  And sadly, that enemy that has made great strides into infiltrating and infecting all facets of our society.  And now, our beloved nation finds itself on the brink of ruin.


You may ask, how did this happen?  The answer is painfully simple.  We let it happen.  This is our fault.  We the People failed in our responsibility as Americans.  


I am here to say, "That ends here."

- America, this is your clarion call.  It is time for each of us to rediscover our identity, reclaim our authority and embrace our responsibility as true Americans, so together we can turn the tables and boldly reclaim our nation, our freedom and our destiny.

Welcome to The Alliance.

Craig W. Asbach
Founder of The American Victory Alliance

An Identity

The Guardian Corps

Being a true American is not a title bestowed by default.  Being a true American demands much more.  It demands righteousness, wisdom, courage and resilience.  And it demands a fidelity to the truth and the founding principals of our nation.  By joining the AVA, you are making a decision, and taking the first steps to reclaim your identity and responsibility as a true American.

A Community

Victory Nation

As members of the AVA, we are a family; a brotherhood and sisterhood united and inspired by the values, principles and virtues that are the foundation of our shared American identity.  Our community is a home and a touchstone, where we grow stronger together by fostering new friendships, forging new alliances and it is here where we prepare to enter the battle as the commanding voice of virtue and the undeniable authors of America's destiny.  It is here where our fidelity is our fortress.  It is here where iron sharpens iron, and we will grow in wisdom, character and courage.  And it is here were the righteous voices of millions, become the one voice of authority.

The Authority

American Victory Action Alliance

It is from our identity and our community that our authority finds its fire.  Fueled by the passion and the promise of tens-of-millions of Americans, the AVA and all of its members will be the commanding voice and the ready force in the defense, preservation and advancement of American values, principals and virtue.  It is here where we will put the enemy on notice.  And it is here where we enter the battle - and with dominion over our destiny, we will lead the way restoring the American promise and renewing our American covenant.  

Pillars of Victory

Who We Are.

The American Victory Alliance is the home and the touchstone for millions of Americans.  It is here where we re-discover and reclaim our identity as Americans; unite in that identity and in our cause; and enter the battlefields with the authority our destiny demands.

Finding Purpose

The AVA is home for those Americans who have a deep love and reverence for our country, its history and the foundational principles and values that make our nation and our ways uniquely exceptional.  It is our vision that the AVA to be the one place you can go to discover your calling and determine your destiny.


It is vital that men and women of virtue embrace their roles as servant leaders in our society and righteous representatives in our institutions.  The AVA is where that calling is clarified, our courage is fortified, and our character exemplified.

Personal Development

When we team up with others to grow personally.  Just as iron sharpens iron, we make each other stronger by sharing ideas and lifting each other up. Together, we're making big changes and getting better every day, step by step.

Community & Fidelity

The AVA is focused on building the largest and most influential community of Americans who carry with them an inspiring, righteous, and just vision for our nation, our families and our future. It is a community set apart from cultural corruption and the influences of tyrannical forces.  It is a community where our faith is fostered, friendships found, and alliances forged.

Cultural Influence

It is said that politics is downhill from the culture.  This is why the AVA is committed to partnering and supporting individuals and organizations that are bringing a righteous message to the culture though media, the arts and entertainment.


It is the desire for the AVA to be a community that inspires its members to step into their roles as courageous leaders and righteous role models.  As mentors, we have the opportunity to shape the leaders, innovators, and change-makers of tomorrow, instilling values, skills, and confidence along the way, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts of our neighbors and the destiny of our nation.

Service & Volunteerism

Service and volunteerism embody selflessness, compassion, and making a positive impact without expecting anything in return. These acts bridge gaps, foster unity, and promote personal growth. By serving others, we build a compassionate society where kindness is celebrated and cherished.

Leaving a Legacy

Embrace the legacy of our Founding Fathers and ignite the spirit of freedom within you. Their vision, values and virtues form the bedrock of our nation. By carrying on their vision, you become a Guardian of America's destiny, ensuring that every American has the opportunity to live free of tyranny and thrive. Let's unite to preserve the precious gift of liberty for ourselves and future generations.

Why Join?

Answering the Call

Who we become, what we do, how we do it and who we do it with will serve as the foundation for the restoration and revival of our nation.

It is about each of us answering the call, and together becoming an undeniable force for good in our familes, our communities, our culture and our country.

Duty Bound.

"The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure."

Albert Einstein

  • Is the AVA a political organization?
    NO. We have no affiliation and hold no allegiance to any party, politician, candidate or PAC. That is not to say that news, politics and policy will not be discussed or debated within our community, but party politics is NOT our focus nor within our purview.
  • Is the AVA hiring?
    We fully expect to be adding to our team significantly over the coming months. As we build our organization, we will definitely have the need to add smart, courageous, bold and patriotic individuals to our team. As needs arise, we will send out updates via emails, newsletters or direct you to our recruiting page online.
  • Does it cost anything to become a member?
    No. Although we will will be offering premium services and memberships in the future, there is no cost for an AVA Ambassador membership. You can become a member today by visiting:
  • Is the AVA a non-profit?
    No. The AVA has chosen to work within a traditional LLC structure. This decision was made to prevent the IRS or other governmental agencies from dictating our content and limiting our voice. Operating as an LLC also provides us the opportunity to model how American values, principals and virtues can be incorporated into business.
  • How can I contribute financially to the AVA?
    The American Victory Alliance is a true "grass-roots" movement, with the mission to unite, empower, equip and inspire millions of Americans to boldly reclaim their righteous identity and rightful authority. The Founders Circle is where you can make a one-time donation, or establish a monthly donation plan in support of the American Victory Alliance and our monumental mission. You can find our donation page at:

Frequently Asked Questions.


The Founders Circle

Support the Cause

Join the American Victory Alliance's Founders Circle, a community of patriots dedicated to restoring America's greatness. Your support empowers us to uphold the values of our Founding Fathers and shape a brighter future for our beloved nation. Together, let us author the story of America's triumph.


The AVA is home and a touchstone: a community and a calling, a movement and a mission.  It is where our members go to rediscover and restore their identity as true Americans, and where we come together to build community around the virtues that define us and the vision that inspires us.  And the AVA is where we step into our calling as the undeniable and commanding voice of a nation and rightful authors of America's destiny.

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